Apr 112014

RMA’d the motherboard (only 3 months old) and they sent a new one, so I’m back up and running.

Still working on new character models. The plan is to create base meshes I can make characters with so I don’t have to animate them all separately. Same method I used with past games. Saves a ton of time. Here’s what I have so far

I’m at 714 tris right now. Don’t want to totally optimize the mesh so I have room to modify it for different body types. Still working on the shoulders. Having a hard timing making them look right when the arms are down. Definitely trying to improve my modeling. I get by alright with objects but characters are pretty hard.

I mentioned this in the last post but all my emails were lost. Trying to recover them but if you sent my something recent and I didn’t get back to you, please send it again. Sorry

Have you played Calm Time yet? Looks like it came out in November so I guess I’m late to the party on this one. You should check it out:

Feb 142014

Hey, it’s been a while since an update, so here’s whats going on lately.

I’m working on Splatter Camp pre-production right now which means boring stuff (lists, spreadsheets, work flows, file naming schemes, etc.) It’s kind of a pain in the ass because if I get something wrong at this stage or don’t anticipate problems that will arise down the line, I’ll have to redo or reconfigure things later.

The teaser video I released was from a demo level. I haven’t started building the actual game levels yet. I’m designing the camp on graph paper right now. When I get to coding, I want to update the pathfinding system I have in place to make it more accurate and avoid things like AI getting stuck in doorways and all that. I’m also planning to make new character models because the old ones are kind of ugly.

It’ll probably be a while before I have screenshots but I’ll keep writing short updates when new things happen. I have a bunch of ideas I don’t want to announce yet in case they don’t make it into the game. Hate to disappoint you guys.

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Jan 282014

Some of you guys have been asking about getting a hold of some of the music in the game. Sorry for the delay




01. Opening Credits
02. Babysitter Theme
03. Radio Warning
04. House Ambiance
05. Phone Call
06. House Ambiance 2
07. Into the Backyard
08. The Killer Attacks
09. Chase
10. Dark House
11. Chase 2
12. Ending Theme


The tracks ‘Chase’ and ‘Ending Theme’ were written and composed by Bob Benkoski.

The track ‘Radio Warning’ was written by Daniel Kurland and performed by Josh
Hadley. Check out his podcasts at 1201 Beyond

The track ‘Phone Call’ was written and performed by Anthony Aroya

Artwork by Markus B├╝low: villains-preferred.blogspot.de

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Jan 102014

Here’s a short look at the next game I’m working on:

I’ve wanted to make a summer camp slasher game for a while and finally have the chance!

Splatter Camp (aka Maniac in the Woods) will expand on the gameplay of Babysitter Bloodbath with a much larger open world to explore and unlock.

I’ll have more details, features and storyline info soon. Plus something special coming next week…

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