Feb 132015

Happy Friday the 13th!

I meant for Power Drill Massacre to feel like a cheap late 80’s SOV slasher but it’s probably closer to something you would have watched in the 70’s. Oh well.

DOWNLOAD the demo for PC & MAC

I’m not sure if the demo is entirely stable. It’s had minimal QA testing.

UPDATE3: The game is back up. Everything should be fixed but if it isn’t please email puppetcombo@gmail.com or post in the comments. Thanks

UPDATE4: New version is up. Fixes the slow text bug.


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Feb 062015

Thought it would be this week (actually I thought I’ve have the game ready two weeks ago) but I decided to add a few more things. Sorry if you’ve sent me something and I haven’t returned your email. I will be getting back to everybody soon, just hard at work at the moment.


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Jan 292015


Sorry for the delay. There were about a billion little details/bugs to fix. I’ve got about 5 more things I want to adjust before the final build.

Good news: Josh Hadley from Radiodrome is back for another voice over.

And kind of big news: I’m going to be moving to a new site. I’ve been using Pig Farmer Game/Productions as a hobby project and it’s time to retire the name. I’m going to try to get my future games on Steam or even consoles so I’m starting a new studio. I’ll be keeping this site up for now but updates and future projects moved over to the new site. I’ll have more details soon.

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Jan 172015

Experimenting with lighting and camera effects. I’ve always loved the prologue of Max Paine 1. It’s like you’re in a nightmare. I’m working on something similar.

*Correction: Max PAYNE

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