Sep 112014

It’s been a while (feel like I start every update like that). But don’t worry, Minotaur is still progressing. I’ve been working on puzzles for the last month and it’s going pretty well. The ones I’ve finished so far are (I think) way more interesting that the ones in Babysitter Bloodbath. Right now I’m working on a sort of 3d jigsaw puzzle. Made a short video to show how it works:

This one is an egg you’ve gotta glue back together. Just getting the basic functionality down right now. I plan on doing a lot more with it in Splatter Camp: putting engines back together, fuse boxes, soldering, etc.

But back to Minotaur: I’m gonna try my best to get a beta version out in October. Beta meaning the full game (all levels, puzzles, story line) but missing some features and polish I probably won’t be able to finish in time (like controller support). Hopefully, I’ll have the full version out by the end of the year.

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Aug 082014

Another small Minotaur update. The environments are mostly finished so I’m moving on to gameplay stuff.
The game is mostly about finding your way around the mazes, getting through the traps, and running away from the killer but it needs something of a story line to make it interesting enough to play to the end. And probably a few puzzles that break up the monotony of finding keys to open up doors.
I’ve got some good story ideas. Just need to come up with a ending (or multiple endings). Puzzles are always a pain in the ass but I’ll see what I can come up with.
I think I mentioned this before but another goal of mine is full gamepad support in addition to mouse and keyboard. Technically, Babysitter Bloodbath has gamepad support but I want to optimize and extend it to the menus so you can play the whole game without a mouse at all.

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Jul 252014

Things have been quiet around here but Minotaur has been steadily progressing. I’ve been building new levels, positioning the cameras, placing the lights, setting up the traps and stuff like that. Right now, it’s over 6 times the size of the alpha version. I’m also working on a map system since the mazes can get confusing. Here are some new screen shots of mostly finished areas.

14-07-25 level3

14-07-25 level1

14-07-25 level1
Adjusted the barbed wire pits again

14-07-25 level1

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Jun 262014

So as I’ve been moving out of the testing phase and into finalized art for Minotaur, I decided to modify the pit design. Still not there, but I’m getting closer

14-06-26 floor1
14-06-26 floor2

Originally, I was thinking hanging scaffolding that you jump between but it looked kind of shitty. For one, all my environments are BPS levels (think Quake) – once the level is built, the blocks and rendered lighting can not be changed during game play. One of the drawbacks of using really old tech (almost 15 years old!). The engine also has no physics system. So long story short, if you jumped between scaffolding in other games or real life, you’d expect it to swing back and forth. Actually this would be great because you’ve have to time your jumps.

But unfortunately, that’s not going to be possible in Minotaur so I decided to change the pit rooms to old broken out floors, which actually make a lot more sense in the context of the game world – you’re in an old abandoned building, it’s going to be dangerous regardless of whether or not a psychopath is chasing you.

So yeah, it’s coming along. And don’t worry, finishing Minotaur isn’t a total waste of time. You’ll see all these updates and new features in Splatter Camp as well. That ones just going to take longer.

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