This FAQ is out of date and no longer accurate. Please see the updated version: Puppet Combo FAQ Thanks

I’ll try to answer some of the questions that get asked a lot in the comments, on youtube or through email.

How do I download the games?

Click the boxart on the left or the GAMES menu on top.

When is the game going to be finished? Any news about the game?

Soon I hope. It’s being built by one person (me) so that makes everything take a bit longer. I tend not to update as often these days but I promise I’m working on stuff. Feel free to volunteer if you want to help the development along. Just email me. I usually post news on the site if anything important is happening, so check there first.

Why was __________ removed from your site?

Mid October 2013, I removed several games, images, and videos from my site. I don’t want to go into the details of why.

Can you send me a game that was removed?

Sorry but I can not distribute anything that has been removed ever again. No exceptions.

What happened to Sanitarium Massacre?

I tried to raise funds so I could continue to work on it full time but that totally failed. It’s sort of a huge project because of all the art assets that it requires, so I put it on hold to work on more manageable games. Right now, I’m aiming for a 2014 release.

Why do the graphics in your games suck?

I don’t think they do but I have two reasons for using low-poly models:

I grew up playing PlayStation 1 games and prefer how they look. I’m not a fan of the almost but not quite realistic, uncanny valley look of most modern games.

And because I make most of the artwork myself, I can’t spend a ton of time on any single model or texture. That said, I still put a lot of effort into making sure all the artwork in a game is consistent and will work on something until I think it looks good.

I get an error when I start the game / your game doesn’t work, etc.

It’s best to email me at info[at]pigfarmergames.com so we can talk directly. I can’t help if you leave a youtube comment with a vague description of your problem. I’m striving to build stable software so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Is Pig Farmer Games/Productions a reference to Robert Pickton?

No. It’s a name I’ve been using since 2001. When I was a kid I used to make a lot of MSpaint art. One of my paintings kind of looked like a pig who was a farmer. I started using it as a logo.
original Pig Farmer logo

Can I work on the game or volunteer to help with something?

I’d some love help. I can always use textures, low poly models and music. Whether it’s stuff you’ve made and want to donate or you have the time make things on request. Please email me with samples of your work if you want to help out.

Can I use one of your 3d models?

If it was made by me, sure. Just email me and I’ll send you the file. If I downloaded it from turbosquid, opengameart or similar sites, I’ll send you the link

Have a different question? info[at]pigfarmergames.com

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