Jan 282014

Some of you guys have been asking about getting a hold of some of the music in the game. Sorry for the delay




01. Opening Credits
02. Babysitter Theme
03. Radio Warning
04. House Ambiance
05. Phone Call
06. House Ambiance 2
07. Into the Backyard
08. The Killer Attacks
09. Chase
10. Dark House
11. Chase 2
12. Ending Theme


The tracks ‘Chase’ and ‘Ending Theme’ were written and composed by Bob Benkoski.

The track ‘Radio Warning’ was written by Daniel Kurland and performed by Josh
Hadley. Check out his podcasts at 1201 Beyond

The track ‘Phone Call’ was written and performed by Anthony Aroya

Artwork by Markus B├╝low: villains-preferred.blogspot.de

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  1. Why this is a nice little somethin somethin indeed!

  2. This is just too awesome.

  3. This is so great. Thanks for the download!

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