Jun 262014

John from Retroslashers.net just posted a new article about Pitchfork Massacre. I recommend checking it out if you’d like to read his take on it: http://retroslashers.net/the-pitchfork-massacre-mystery-solved/

I did some further research and there was definitely no death scene shot for the couple in the basement as I previously speculated. The artwork in the Pitchfork Massacre ad is not from The Prowler. But I still think it’s still likely that a TV spot was shot to promote the film (Probably on video). Or at the very least a trailer cut together with Prowler footage. Will we ever find it? Probably not. The only chance would be: somebody happened to be taping local TV when the trailer was shown; that tape survived 30 years; and then somebody happens to view the tape, look up the movie and find one of these articles.

I’d say case closed… for now. But if you have anymore information, please don’t hesitate to contact me or RetroSlashers

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Jun 202014


If you’ve been to my Redbubble shop you may have noticed my Pitchfork Massacre shirt.

The hunt for Pitchfork Massacre has captivated me since I first came across RetroSlashers.net
Retro Slashers has a whole section of lost 80’s slashers. Some have been exposed to be hoaxes (Slaughterhouse 2), some were never produced (Madman Marz, the sequel to Madman that never happened), and some have been dug up and released, like Tim O’Rawe’s The Basement. But there’s one film that has eluded everybody and that’s Pitchfork Massacre.

Before you continue, I suggest checking out the original article on RetroSlashers: http://retroslashers.net/lost-slashers-pitchfork-massacre-1984/

It all started at the library where Thomas Ellison was going through microfilm newspaper archives checking out the ads for slashers released in 1984 and came across the ad for Pitchfork Massacre: a film that has seemingly been lost to time. No mentions of in in any books or on the web. No imdb, credits, posters, bootlegs. The only record of Pitchfork Massacre were the few newspaper ads printed in 1984.

The obvious scenario: Pitchfork Massacre was a re-titling of another film. But I think the possibility that this could instead be a long lost independent film that never saw a video release is what intrigued everyone who has come across Thomas’s article.

The Truth? Well continue reading…

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Dec 052012

A few weeks ago I wanted to make some 80’s style horror synth stingers. I’m sure you know what I taking about.

So I looked up what John Carpenter and Alan Holsworth used in the late 70s. Long story short, their main two synths were the Prophet 10 and the ARP Odyssey.

Prophet 10
fuck me

Yeah, I can’t afford one of those so I decided to go the software route. I’m using Abelton Live but any DAW (digital audio workstation) should do.

Once you have a DAW for recording, you’ll need a VST -software that emulates a synth. I couldn’t find anything for the Prophet 10 but I did find the Prophet 5 and thats close enough. I went with Prophanity made by Chris Roberson which is free.

If you’ve never programmed a synth, I’d highly recommend reading How to Program a Synthesizer by TweakHeadz Lab. It covers the basics and is pretty universal no matter what kind of hardware or software you’re using. So lets skip all the boring stuff. Here’s my patch (click to hear how it sounds):

My Prophet 5 stinger patch

Works for me but I’m sure you’ll want to tweak it for your own needs. Try playing around with the frequencies of the oscillators, the noise level in the mixer section, the filter resonance and envelope amount, to make different sounds. Raise the decay if you’d like the sweep to ring out longer.

So hopefully this will help some filmmakers (or even game designers) get started with stingers. I might write some more soundtrack articles in the future. In the meantime you should definitely check out these sites:


And a VST specifically made for Horror soundtracks: Gargoyle 2 by Krakli

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