Jan 292015


Sorry for the delay. There were about a billion little details/bugs to fix. I’ve got about 5 more things I want to adjust before the final build.

Good news: Josh Hadley from Radiodrome is back for another voice over.

And kind of big news: I’m going to be moving to a new site. I’ve been using Pig Farmer Game/Productions as a hobby project and it’s time to retire the name. I’m going to try to get my future games on Steam or even consoles so I’m starting a new studio. I’ll be keeping this site up for now but updates and future projects moved over to the new site. I’ll have more details soon.

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May 022014
Just started a t-shirt brand called Dog Specimen,
with some of my own designs and public domain
stuff. I’ve been thinking about making shirts for
a while because It seems like every time I’m
shopping for shirts, all the designs I like are
only printed on black. I hate wearing black
shirts. But if you like them, don’t worry, most
of my stuff is available in light and dark

I don’t have any Pig Farmer stuff up at the moment
but those are in the works. Open to suggestions! I
mostly do psychedelic and horror related stuff –
slasher, giallo, police composite sketches, etc.
Planning on doing a new shirt every week or two.

Check out my shop: http://www.redbubble.com/people/dogspecimen/shop
Anything purchased will help support game design.

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Apr 112014

RMA’d the motherboard (only 3 months old) and they sent a new one, so I’m back up and running.

Still working on new character models. The plan is to create base meshes I can make characters with so I don’t have to animate them all separately. Same method I used with past games. Saves a ton of time. Here’s what I have so far

I’m at 714 tris right now. Don’t want to totally optimize the mesh so I have room to modify it for different body types. Still working on the shoulders. Having a hard timing making them look right when the arms are down. Definitely trying to improve my modeling. I get by alright with objects but characters are pretty hard.

I mentioned this in the last post but all my emails were lost. Trying to recover them but if you sent my something recent and I didn’t get back to you, please send it again. Sorry

Have you played Calm Time yet? Looks like it came out in November so I guess I’m late to the party on this one. You should check it out: Calm Time

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