Jan 102014

Here’s a short look at the next game I’m working on:

I’ve wanted to make a summer camp slasher game for a while and finally have the chance!

Splatter Camp (aka Maniac in the Woods) will expand on the gameplay of Babysitter Bloodbath with a much larger open world to explore and unlock.

I’ll have more details, features and storyline info soon. Plus something special coming next week…

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Jan 042014

I’ll be announcing a new game next Friday. Pretty excited about this one. Just doing some tech demos to make sure certain features are going to work.

Hi to everybody new to the site. Please bookmark or sign up for the mailing list on the right >>> so you don’t miss any important updates!

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Oct 282013

Sorry to say there won’t be any new game releases from me this October or in the immediate future.


I will start making another survival horror game soon. Yes, it’s going to be a slasher, it’s going to take place in the 80s, and it’s probably going to be at a camp.

Bad news is Sanitarium Massacre is still on hold. I can only work on games part time (2 days a week) and it’s kind of a complicated project. Way too many assets, animations, debugging for me to handle with my current schedule. Making survival horror stuff is much easier and less time consuming.

I recently created a mailing list for anybody who wants to keep up to date with MAJOR updates (like game releases). It’s on the right of the page -> Just type in your email and press Sign Up.

I’ll be back with more this November.

* Please don’t discuss any games that have been removed in the comments.

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Oct 232013

Some games, images, and videos have been removed recently. Not much more to say, just acknowledging they’re gone.

Happy October to everybody!

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