Dec 212012

Figured I’d try switching things up for fun. The problem I’ve always had with Slender is that I don’t find the Slender Man scary, at least not in the same way I find Michael Myers scary. Awesome game design though. So simple but effective.

Just an hour of playing around and hacking shit together. Gave me a few ideas. Lets say, the game slowly cycles through an array of rooms in a level. If you happen to be in a room when it comes up on the list, the killer spawns close by and attacks. He would attack at random so you’re never really safe. As you run, you leave an invisible trail of ‘bread crumbs’ for him to follow and chase you. until you are out of range. Certain nodes may be marked as ‘forks’ in the path and if he doesn’t see which way you go, you can loose him.

Certain areas may have a higher probability of attack, such as a room that looks like the Sawyer’s living room. Just thinking out loud (or with a keyboard) at this point. And yes, I have to set those RE1 style cameras up a little better.

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Dec 202012

Just launched an Indiegogo campaign to take pre-orders and raise finishing funds for Sanitarium Massacre. Check out the video:

I need 4 months of development to complete the game. In an effort to be transparent, here’s a list of what’s left to do. I’ve been keeping list like this as notes to myself so if you’re curious or want me to clarify anything, feel free to ask.


Auto path testing system
– automatically checks a level for inaccessible nodes

Cut scenes
– Script remaining cut scenes (blocking, camera angles)
– any extra animations for the scene

Remaining character animations
– script and animate each character
– sync animations for separate character models
– pick up and placement object system
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Dec 092012

I’m planning a Special Edition of Sanitarium Massacre only available on CD-ROM with extra levels, features and game manual.

Sanitarium Massacre CD-ROM

I want to thank everyone for following the game with a giveaway. Just email me within the next 24 hours: info [at] with “Free CD-ROM” as the subject or leave a comment with your email address within the next 24 hours and I’ll send you a copy when it’s released.

UPDATE: The giveaway is over but thanks to everyone who participated. I’ll be emailing you guys soon to get your info.

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Dec 062012

Changing masks and costumes – these are masks I’ve made so far. I’m definitely going to do a hockey mask. You can suggest some more in the comments if you want.

Old school Resident Evil/Silent Hill style cameras – I’ve got a system coded to handle these but they take a while to set up and angle correctly.

Decapitations and gore – Working on different deaths for each weapon.

New menus, stats, and rankings – Menus look like an old VHS box. If you’re wondering about the washed out grainy look of the newer videos, I’ve got two video modes made – VHS and DVD. DVD will be clear video but if you wanna go old school flip on VHS mode and the game will look like a dirty old tape with scan lines and everything.

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