Nov 102014

Summer Camp Announcement Trailer – 10-31-14


SPLATTER CAMP – Game Teaser Trailer – 01-20-14

Summer Camp is being produced by Tom Savini. I can’t believe I bought his stupid FX book on ebay. j/k
But seriously, competition can be good. It does suck when the competition has far greater resources.

So PLEASE don’t let Splatter Camp be pushed aside. SC (for Summer Camp – wait, I can’t abbreviate since both games have the same initials!!!) obviously has some PR pull. Here’s where I need your help: Spread the word that Splatter Camp exists! No harm in leaving a few friendly comments on youtube 😛

And speaking of Splatter Camp, I’m really happy with the story and I think you guys are gonna love it. And now that I’ve got some competition I’ve got a real fire under my ass to get this done. Expect some big changes coming soon.

And if you’re hearing about Summer Camp the first time and you’re excited, definitely pick it up when it comes out. I sure will. There’s no reason our games can’t co-existed, just like The Burning and Sleepaway Camp

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May 232014

Here’s a new Splatter Camp video and some rambling about what I’m working on. Feel free to ask about anything I missed in the comments.

* sorry for any grammatical atrocities. I don’t have an editor (or proofread these)

I guess there’s not much to look at, just some creepy skin dolls walking around. Kind of looks like a fetish video with the dungeon. That’s actually the new character base mesh I’m going to use while building the game. Yeah, the mesh still needs some work but the important parts are the body proportions (notice how the arms of all the characters are too short in Babysitter Bloodbath?) and the under lying rig. I’m going to try to build the game linearly from beginning to end and animate the actions as I go. Once I have the rig animated, I can use the base mesh to build different characters. It’d be great to give everyone unique animations but that would probably take twice as long and drive me insane. Right now I have the walk and run cycle finish. The new rig is scaled to the same size in Blender as the character models in Babysitter Bloodbath, so when I need to copy the old animations over, I just line up the rigs and pose the new one to match the old one. Saves tons of time. The main advantage is that the new rig can bend and move in ways the old one can’t. I didn’t set up the IR right the first time which is one of the reasons I need to start fresh.

Right now I’m working on NPC initialization. I hacked something together for babysitter bloodbath that won’t scale for the new game since it has more areas and characters.

Because Splatter Camp is an open world split into multiple smaller levels (think the original Deus Ex) I have a system in place that tracks the npcs and keeps track of what level (or part of the world) they’re currently in, what they’re doing. On top of that, when you enter a level that an NPC is in, he or she needs to be loaded at a certain position, given a dialogue string (in case you talk to them), and they need to be assigned local instance number for any path finding (lets call it a row in the array for simplicity’s sake). The path finding array is wiped clean when switching levels.

Sanitarium Massacre used a system where I saved the handle of each NPC and the objects they’re carrying into an array. I threw that out for Babysitter Bloodbath since there were so few characters and levels I figured I’d just use pointers to keep track every character. But that’s a horrible idea of course. So I think what I’m working on now is a happy medium. The major job is gonna be keeping track of what each NPC is doing as the game progresses. I’ll see how that goes as I start building it. With Babysitter Bloodbath I used a long list of functions to make all the changes as you progress. That might get out of hand here, We’ll see.

Probably won’t be much to show in terms of artwork for a while but I’ll put up some videos if any weird errors happen.

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Feb 142014

Hey, it’s been a while since an update, so here’s whats going on lately.

I’m working on Splatter Camp pre-production right now which means boring stuff (lists, spreadsheets, work flows, file naming schemes, etc.) It’s kind of a pain in the ass because if I get something wrong at this stage or don’t anticipate problems that will arise down the line, I’ll have to redo or reconfigure things later.

The teaser video I released was from a demo level. I haven’t started building the actual game levels yet. I’m designing the camp on graph paper right now. When I get to coding, I want to update the pathfinding system I have in place to make it more accurate and avoid things like AI getting stuck in doorways and all that. I’m also planning to make new character models because the old ones are kind of ugly.

It’ll probably be a while before I have screenshots but I’ll keep writing short updates when new things happen. I have a bunch of ideas I don’t want to announce yet in case they don’t make it into the game. Hate to disappoint you guys.

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Jan 102014

Here’s a short look at the next game I’m working on:

I’ve wanted to make a summer camp slasher game for a while and finally have the chance!

Splatter Camp (aka Maniac in the Woods) will expand on the gameplay of Babysitter Bloodbath with a much larger open world to explore and unlock.

I’ll have more details, features and storyline info soon. Plus something special coming next week…

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