Dec 172014

Adding some decals to make it look more abandoned.



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  1. Things are coming along really great! I can’t wait! I wanted to comment in the one above but it didn’t have a place to do so, so I resolved with commenting here. But things really are coming along awesomely! And it is cool to have more updates. On a side note I must admit I am I am one of those people who hates fixed camera but hey I can get over it if it means helping with the projects completion and… getting to play Minotaur!

    • Thanks for letting me know! fixed the link
      Yeah, I can understand the fixed camera hate. I’m not a fan of games that force a certain camera type or control style – I’m gonna include as many choices as I can

  2. And another side note, the Sanitarium Massacre screen shots and gifs look awesome.

  3. It may just be me, but are those default Unity walls on the top screenshot? Not hating or anything, it’s just I see those walls everywhere and it really bugs me.
    Maybe lower the resolution on them to make them less noticeable? Just a tip.

    Can’t wait for the release.

  4. I noticed on the top screenshot that you used what appears to be default Unity walls, not hating but I see those walls almost everywhere and it always bugs me. Meh, maybe the darkness and decals will cover it up.

    Can’t wait for the release.

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