Jan 152015

I swear


Why not Minotaur? The same reason it’s wouldn’t make sense to call the original TCM ‘Leatherface’. The legend needs to be established first. Gotta wait till at least part 3 before you start naming everything after the killer 😉

Thanks to Markus Bülow for drawing the MASSACRE lettering

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  4 Responses to “Demo is coming”

  1. I am excited for the demo!

  2. UUUUUHHHH Thank god! you’ve finally posted an update… well… Looking good. 😀 im really excited to play it. :)

  3. Your first game (babysitter bloodbath) sarah doesn’t have triangular boobs XD lol… Jk.. :)

  4. Something tells me this is going to be the usual gamer experience.

    “What’s in here?”
    *clicks light on*
    “Fuck this.”

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