Dec 202012

Just launched an Indiegogo campaign to take pre-orders and raise finishing funds for Sanitarium Massacre. Check out the video:

I need 4 months of development to complete the game. In an effort to be transparent, here’s a list of what’s left to do. I’ve been keeping list like this as notes to myself so if you’re curious or want me to clarify anything, feel free to ask.


Auto path testing system
– automatically checks a level for inaccessible nodes

Cut scenes
– Script remaining cut scenes (blocking, camera angles)
– any extra animations for the scene

Remaining character animations
– script and animate each character
– sync animations for separate character models
– pick up and placement object system

Tweak level designs, character paths, environment
– basically balancing the gameplay so it’s fun to stalk people, lure them into dark rooms, etc.

New escape system integrated into pathfinding
– NPC draws a new path at each corner
– player node is blocked. Surrounding nodes are taxed
– chases and characters fleeing from you are currently based around circular node system that runs through each level like a vein. My new system with integrate fleeing into the regular pathfinding calculations for more dynamic chases.

Integrate shooting into enemy path movement loop
– remove saving player X/Y position as a target point and aproaching it
– this will prevent the enemies from ever getting stuck somewhere – locked on to a node they can’t access. The current problem is rare but I want to fix it.

Extend resident evil cameras – basic code is worked out but needs to be extended and cameras manual placed
– local system for each level
– place cameras
– place switches/code by range

Death Animations
– each weapon has a different kill

Code sygringe system
– poisioning for NPCs

– car follows path
– accelerate, stop, tires turning, etc.

Re-skinning the game menus
– additional mapping for the controls

TUtorial in the begining
– messages and pop-ups explain what to do


Doors that lock from one side
– ‘you’ve unlocked’ message
– global level array saves door info
– NPC drops key at death

Finish all Doors
– Correctly number local array position
– enter end rotation points
– orient switches

Save Rooms
– connect to levels
– car follows path
– accelerate, stop, tires turning, etc.

Increase array sizes
– doors
– light objects per switch

Health Meter
– in menu
– med packs

Titles Screen/Scrolling end credits

Convert all wav files to 11hz or 22hz

switch out hang lights with new prefab

make masks and customs


No slope when people are killed on stairs
alert countdown continues during menu
turn off flashlights on death

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  6 Responses to “IndieGoGo Campaign”

  1. God I hope that gets it. I saw this morning $20 was put in. It helps, but if the $1,500 perk would sell that would put a huge chunk of it in. I’ve been talking to a very friends and I might have one that might look into the $10 or $20 perk. I’m practically spamming the news at this point. :X

  2. You need to get the word out there pig farmer. e.g bloody disgusting

  3. Since it’s Christmas I’ll more than likely be getting a good chunk of change for a gift. I’ll use someone’s Paypal account and see if I can’t donate $20 or $50. It’ll take a week or two for the money to go through, though.

  4. plz make it for mac and when is it coming out

  5. What are you using for development?

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