Dec 162014

Trying out a new orbital cam. Haven’t added panic mode yet (the flashing screen) but I’ll probably get that working tonight. Hopefully I’ll have this out early next week



I’m starting to think Minotaur’s head is a bit big. I scaled it down slightly in this picture. Better?

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Dec 102014

Some more early footage. Finishing up this level and hoping to get an alpha out next week.
The game is running well for me (over 60fps most of the time) but it seems like there are a way too many draw calls. I’m gonna look into it.
Also hoping to test performance on other PCs (hence the alpha release)
Mac version too! I’ve gotten a lot of emails from mac users in the past. OSX support should be no problem anymore

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Dec 032014

Here’s the new killer model. I kept the original mask because it looks awesome but everything else is new. Wanted to give him a grey jump suit so he looks like a crazy repairman. Not 100% finished yet.
Bottom image is the low res version for the game – 128×128, 64 colors. Trying to get it looking as close to a ps1 game as possible.


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