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Happy Friday the 13th!

I meant for Power Drill Massacre to feel like a cheap late 80’s SOV slasher but it’s probably closer to something you would have watched in the 70’s. Oh well.

DOWNLOAD the demo for PC & MAC

I’m not sure if the demo is entirely stable. It’s had minimal QA testing.

UPDATE3: The game is back up. Everything should be fixed but if it isn’t please email puppetcombo@gmail.com or post in the comments. Thanks

UPDATE4: New version is up. Fixes the slow text bug.


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  47 Responses to “Power Drill Massacre – Demo Release”

  1. I’m hitting a massive bug every time I pick up the flashlight. The orbital view just go’s white despite still being able to play(I can hear her still moving when I touch the keys). If I go into fixed view while orbital go’s white everything works fine.

  2. I don’t know whether it just me or does she turn really, really slow?

  3. thank you pigfarmer the game is downloading right now I cant wait

  4. The turning was really slow, and the text types out really, really slow. Everything seemed pretty laggy.

    I had a similar problem that Zac had, with the orbital view going all white, but it happened once I inspected the junk car outside of the warehouse place.

  5. thanks for putting out the demo it is good but can you take the mouse out of the picture if not then I will just deal with it so thanks keep up the good work.

  6. I’m just wondering, will Babysitter Bloodbath be moved to the new site after this one is taken down?

  7. Just a suggestions for you:
    Hitting spacebar to bring up the full message straight away, instead of skipping it. Its juts a pain to have the words slowly appear on screen.

    Also will future releases ad more views like 1st and 3rd person (The 3rd person view I am referring to is the one from babysitter bloodbath, where the camera was fixed to the character.)

    Finally the new build worked fine so far.

    • Thanks for the suggestions Zac. The slow text is a bug. I’m working on a fix right now. But I’m glad the camera works.

      Yeah, more camera angles are coming. That 3rd person view from Babysitter Bloodbath will definitely be back.

  8. It’s great!
    I have a question: After you finish work with “Power Drill Massacre”, will you be working with “Splatter Camp”?
    I can’t wait until it will be released. When are you planning to make it?
    I’m from Poland so sorry for my English.

  9. This is neat! One thing I’ve noticed is that when switching between DVD and VHS quality the borders on VHS go from black to white. If the demo is this good, then the full game can only be better.

    • Thanks Jared. Yeah, when you switch modes the resolution goes from 640X420 to 1920×1080 (4:3 to 16:9) so the sides of the screen that were cut off before become visible. I made the background white because it seemed more unsettling that way.

  10. Bad or good news depending on how you look at it.
    I’m hitting a bug where the killer hits me once and the rest of his attacks do nothing to hurt me. This to me honestly wouldn’t be a problem, except sometimes he corners me, preventing me going anywhere. Good news is though there is a way to fix it. Change to a diffrent view mode (Dvd or Video) and he can hit me again, but only once, you have to change view modes again.

    So yea.

  11. How do i save the game?…

  12. Ummm i have a problem there… umm jeff and megan’s mesh is black in my gameplay but the killer is normal, i mean, he;’s wearing a grey jumpsuit but megan and jeff were just black… Anyways… the game is scary tho…. when the killer strikes.. the lag strikes too 😀

  13. and.. umm my suggestions to the next release is to have difficulty like EASY – the killer walks NORMAL – The killer slightly runs HARD – It runs… and make hiding spots like Lockers, under the desks, you know :) Just like clock tower… it would be a great idea… and Anyways… it’s really scary when i hear running footsteps behind me… it’s telling me that i should run XD Haha He got me in some kind of labyrith 😀 it’s a really awesome game thoe, but the black mesh still bothers me alot.. :) Annd i also can’t wait for the beta release… is it coming? 😀 :*

  14. PS… I LOVE YOUR GAMESSS… IM A FAN OF PS1, late 70s and retro SLASHERS 😉 😀 Please make more :* :* XOXO

  15. Umm and another bug… umm i got stuck in some kind of mountain so i started a new game… when it started.. i still have my flashlight.. i mean.. i dont have to grab it in the trunk but that doesnt bother me 😀

  16. Lol… he chased me and i got away… but maybe 2 or 1 hit i will die.. 😀 now im staying away from those metal doors XD

  17. This is the kind of games I miss so much… I feel old when playing actual mainstream “horror games”. If you add thar I love slashers, giallo (Argento was vey famous here in Spain), vhs-esque mood of end 70s to early 90s, and low-poly era look (my childhood was 16/32 bits era)… then you got, IMO: the BEST free indie game of the last 5 years.
    The perfect short review for this studio games is, like we spanish say: Eres grande, pequeño!
    Thank you very much PuppetCombo & Mr. Cocuzza.

  18. THERE’S A FLASHLIGHT?! well then…

  19. Your games are fantastic and I do believe there is a market there. A very niche market, truth be told. It will be hard to get the young generations into this. Very scary and nostalgic. Sound effects are perfect and just different enough that it fits.

  20. pigfarmer can you make a game that is liketexas chainsaw massacre

  21. Hey create the game on android

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