Nov 292012

Sanitarium Massacre?

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  1. The Halloween 3D demo is really fun, can’t wait to see this new version!

  2. Don’t worry about it man, it happens. It will still be fun to play, and I love the idea of customization! Not only that but the more I think about it, I can understand Carpenter’s restrictions about a full length game for free, he may of let it slide like what Havoc did with F.13 where it was just quick mindless levels so you got the idea of playing as Jason, but it was short enough that it didn’t cross a line between fan made and license game. Maybe you could have Michael’s mask as an unlockable?

    • I haven’t talked to anyone connected to the franchise but some legal advice as well as common sense says a full game is pushing my luck. Terrordrome got shut down when it started getting popular.
      I was thinking that. Maybe as a patch…

  3. Fuck halloween, this looks cooler.

  4. Wait wait… So instead of the game being Halloween 3D it’s going to be Sanitarium Massacre? Just a little confused.

    • Yeah, pretty much. Same game I’ve been working on but I need to change the name and characters for legal reasons. It’s going to be set in the late 70s and you play a serial killer who gets locked up in a state mental hospital until you escape from your cell.

      The hospital setting kind of makes it feel like Halloween 2. Since I’m working alone on most of it, I’m focusing on the asylum so I can finish sooner. But if the game is successful, I’d like to keep the story going for a sequel.

      • Oh ok. I just got a little confused. I’ll definately play it. I’m about to move after the Christmas break and I will have my own computer so I will be able to do whatever I want with it (download games).

  5. So will the next demo be sanitarium massacre?

    • I’m hoping the next release will be the final game. It’s close – most of the way done but I may add more features like new camera angles, more gore, gameplay, more levels, more animations. And still waiting on some of the cut scene voiceovers. Also thinking about how I’m going to pay to license the engine, textures and some other stuff I’m using

  6. Hi,

    I just wanted to say, I have always wanted to make a slasher game or to be one to exist. So, I am happy you made this. I hope it will be all I hope it will be. I expect lots of stabbing.

    Keep it up. You have my support.


  7. hey this game is michael myers

  8. Hi there.
    I was impressed by your games, they reminds me a lot of silent hill, clock tower and other psx games.
    I have a question for you:

    Are you using any framework/engine/software??

    It would be great to discover what software/language are you using for your games or even what is your method of working.. (sorry for my english, I’m Italian).

  9. Can anyone tell me where to download this game?

  10. Hey Are you still letting people test this game? I’d love to help! I have Fraps to record and a pretty powerful PC to test it on, and I have plenty of time. if there’s anything you need tested just let me know, I can’t wait for this to come out!

  11. I like this comeon :)


  13. i know im a bit late to the party but i was wondering if this game is still being developed and or playable or if its been abandoned thanks for the help

  14. When the full game will release out? im so excited about it.

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