Jan 292015


Sorry for the delay. There were about a billion little details/bugs to fix. I’ve got about 5 more things I want to adjust before the final build.

Good news: Josh Hadley from Radiodrome is back for another voice over.

And kind of big news: I’m going to be moving to a new site. I’ve been using Pig Farmer Game/Productions as a hobby project and it’s time to retire the name. I’m going to try to get my future games on Steam or even consoles so I’m starting a new studio. I’ll be keeping this site up for now but updates and future projects moved over to the new site. I’ll have more details soon.

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  2 Responses to “Still Coming”

  1. Take as long as you need to on the fixing and what not. It can be a hassle for sure! And a new site and studio! That is without a doubt going to be interesting to watch unfold. I would as some questions but as you said you have more details soon so I will wait until then to ask them!

  2. This is good news but at the same time it’s kind of sad. I’ll miss the name but in order to succeed, sometimes you have to move forward.

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