Nov 102014

Summer Camp Announcement Trailer – 10-31-14


SPLATTER CAMP – Game Teaser Trailer – 01-20-14

Summer Camp is being produced by Tom Savini. I can’t believe I bought his stupid FX book on ebay. j/k
But seriously, competition can be good. It does suck when the competition has far greater resources.

So PLEASE don’t let Splatter Camp be pushed aside. SC (for Summer Camp – wait, I can’t abbreviate since both games have the same initials!!!) obviously has some PR pull. Here’s where I need your help: Spread the word that Splatter Camp exists! No harm in leaving a few friendly comments on youtube 😛

And speaking of Splatter Camp, I’m really happy with the story and I think you guys are gonna love it. And now that I’ve got some competition I’ve got a real fire under my ass to get this done. Expect some big changes coming soon.

And if you’re hearing about Summer Camp the first time and you’re excited, definitely pick it up when it comes out. I sure will. There’s no reason our games can’t co-existed, just like The Burning and Sleepaway Camp

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  5 Responses to “Splatter Camp is sooo good, it’s getting a remake… BEFORE it’s released!!!”

  1. Tom Savini… I might just have to check out summer camp but Splatter Camp will always come first! The word must be spread!

  2. Are you juggling all three of your games? Must be exhausting work!

  3. i have been following summer camp as well as last year a 5 v 1 horror as well as until dawn you may have your competition ahead of you but as a huge fan of slashers sense I was 6 years old I am now 27 I would have to say none of what I have seen quite captures what you guys manage after playing baby sitter bloodbath you have truly proven to me that you not only pay attention to the horror movie clichés but the scoring in your game had me in a cold sweat my heart beating crazy fast and a feeling of not just dread but as if the killer was actualy in the room with me be it a simple game the potential you guys have to give that old grindhouse look feel and scares is beyond impressive so keep up the hard work im looking forward to the results

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